Firmware Version 5.5.2 Build 20180828

About This Release:

  • August 28, 2018
  • First release firmware for VEGA G1


  • LEO GX display wont sync with VEGA G2's web control operations such as setup display brightness, sleep/resume operation.
  • Lightning Server can not use folder's name as disk number (CD01, CD02) while auto grouping function is enabled. 
  • Playback interrupt (Buffering) while converting a large DSD file to PCM using device internal resampler.


  • Device will detect user's TIDAL account subscription type (Premium or HiFi) then adjust highest possible streaming format automatically.
  • Adding optional general DNS server ( and to resolve the problem that TIDAL streaming tracks won't play properly (The streaming track not available for play error).
  • General streaming stability with unexpected server side error.
  • Roon data path display.
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