Firmware Version 6.0 Build 20190304

About This Release:

  • 4th March 2019
  • Devices with firmware from Version 1.8.2 and earlier will need to update the boot code after reboot. There will be a message displayed on device warning people not to power off the unit during this stage. The updating of boot code will take about 70 - 80 seconds. The unit will reboot after boot code has been updated.

Please make sure you do not reboot or turn off the unit during the update of boot code, or else the unit will no longer be able to boot up (will have to return to factory for flashing the boot code).

New Features:

  • Add Parametric Equalizer and Speaker placement compensation in processor engine. Please refer refer to the manual inside web control interface for operation instruction.
  • Support OpenHome standard online streaming features, you can use TIDAL and Qobuz with Lumin and Linn Kazoo control software.
  • Roon, AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect virtual input channels are now merged into Lightning Player, you can use processor engine to apply effect to those inputs now.
  • Roon, AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect virtual input channels now use Lightning Playback engine's volume control.
  • Add transport control for AirPlay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect virtual input channels, you can use remote control or on device control (G series) to control play/pause, next/previous track.


  • Update OpenHome network protocol.
  • PCM Auto Detect function will run test every time user switch output channel to make sure the result match current channel.
  • Use Google's DNS server as primary server unless user's has manual setup another one.


  • Spotify Connect not working 
  • Device will not erase volume control setting even after a factory reset operation.
  • Unable to play AIF file over 2GB.
  • Other playback relating bug.


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