Firmware Version 6.1 Build 20190412

About This Release:

  • 12th April 2019
  • Devices with firmware from Version 1.8.2 and earlier will need to update the boot code after reboot. There will be a message displayed on device warning people not to power off the unit during this stage. The updating of boot code will take about 70 - 80 seconds. The unit will reboot after boot code has been updated.

Please make sure you do not reboot or turn off the unit during the update of boot code, or else the unit will no longer be able to boot up (will have to return to factory for flashing the boot code).

New Features:

  • Device front display will show radio station logo when it is available (for use with Lightning DS built-in vTuner station only).
  • Add option to disable volume control.
  • Add maximum volume limit feature.
  • Add output level setting.
  • Add option to enable/disable LEO GX clock under system menu.
  • Add AirPlay support.
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